Dr. Avijit (Avi) Chaudhuri currently serves as Senior Director at Kezzler AS (Norway). He was previously a faculty member at McGill University as James McGill Professor in the Depatment of Psychology. Dr. Chaudhuri is also a Trustee at The Purnima Foundation, which serves as a resource for people, organizations, and institutions in the Republic of India and worldwide. The goals and objectives of the Foundation are to:

• Reduce poverty and injustice
• Promote equality in educational opportunities across different economic strata
• Reduce human suffering through access to quality medical care
• Provide opportunities for empowering women in both rural and urban centres
• Enhance opportunities for social contribution by elderly people
• Advance human achievement

A common challenge facing many societies is to create a sustainable framework for equality in human welfare, removing unfair practices in gender and age treatment, and ensuring economically unbiased access to education and medical care. The driving principle behind our work is that through equalitycome justice, opportunity, social stability, and human advancement. The Purnima Foundation supports attempts at meeting this challenge by working closely with people and institutions where such problems are located. The Foundation actively promotes collaboration and participation by men and women from all levels of society.

The Purnima Foundation provides financial support that is tailored to each situation by way of grants, bursaries, or loans that help to advance our Mission, build knowledge, and strengthen local organizations and networks. Given the modest nature of our financial resources in comparison to societal needs, we focus our goals and strategies on a limited number of areas and provide funding to projects that are likely to have the highest impact.

The Purnima Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. The trustees of the foundation set policy and delegate authority to the President and senior staff, who explore opportunities to pursue the Foundation’s goals, formulate strategies, and recommend proposals for funding.


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