A veteran neuroscientist and former McGill University professor, Avi Chaudhuri helps guide the Purnima Foundation as a trustee. This India-focused nonprofit organization promotes equality among people of diverse backgrounds and fights poverty and injustice. Avi Chaudhuri and his colleagues have a commitment to assisting those who find themselves in situations of injustice or abuse.

The Purnima Foundation Facebook page recently brought attention to the significant problem of domestic violence in India. A fundamental issue exacerbating the situation is that women are often pressured by those around them, including friends and family members, to accept such abuse as an unavoidable part of life. This often unrecognized form of social conditioning has serious consequences, with many women enduring abuse from family members. In cases where an abusive relationship exists that threatens personal well-being, the Purnima Foundation recommends that women reach for help through the Foundation and seek a greater understanding of their rights in law and society..

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