An established neuroscience researcher, Avi Chaudhuri authored the 2011 Oxford University Press textbook titled Fundamentals of Sensory Perception. The book provides undergraduate students with a comprehensive introduction to the sensory systems. In particular, Avi Chaudhuri examines how stimuli encountered in the physical world are translated into nervous system signals that inform brain perception.

Dr. Chaudhuri’s text differs from many in the field in that he does not begin by explaining the visual system. Instead, he strives to provide readers with a thorough understanding of the biological mechanisms underpinning sensory processing and the basic concepts of perceptual measurement. He then progresses to topics such as the somatosensory and olfactory systems. Students who can productively use this textbook extend beyond those taking neuroscience courses, and include students involved in a variety of health sciences disciplines, where understanding of the behavioral and biological foundations of perception are essential.

Dr. Chaudhuri is currently at work on the second edition of this textbook, due to appear in late 2014 and published by Oxford University Press.

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